Benefits of Membership

Each year, the Alumni Association assists Harlan Community Academy by providing funds for supplies, materials, textbooks, equipment, and activities. In addition to your membership dues, an additional donation to the Richard E. Thompson Fund will help support programs and activities that make a difference in the lives of the students at Harlan Community Academy. To become a member, a $25 membership donation is required.

Why Join?


Maintain our special connection...

Harlan Falcons share a special connection. Each generation of alumnus contributes  fresh new ideas, as well as current technical and social skills. These talents are called upon to help fulfill our mission and allow for the best possible future for those that follow. 

Recent grads easily relate to students, while more seasoned grads offer experience, advice, and wisdom. There is a niche for everyone who believes in our cause and is willing to assist either with time, talent and/or monetarily.

...and in return

  • reconnect with old schoolmates, and make new connections
  • attend galas and other events in support of our mission
  • expand your personal and business connections
  • network with our amazingly successful and influencial alumni
  • enhance your personal and business profile through these contributions to our community
  • rekindle the Harlan School Spirit

Alumni Dues


Membership dues run from January 1st to December 31st! We continue to aggressively support our mission statement, which is to reclaim our youth by cultivating a nurturing and supportive environment; renewing the connection between students and alumni; supporting student development; enhancing their academic preparation, and providing positive role models as examples of the results of an education at Harlan Community Academy.


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