"We are what we repeatedly do; Excellence is not an act, but a habit".  Aristotle



The John Marshall Harlan High School Alumni Association, NFP, is dedicated and committed to instilling school spirit by:

  • recognizing the accomplishments and achievements of the Harlan alumni;
  • encouraging students to strive for excellence to secure Harlan's future place in the history of the community and city; and
  • supporting student academic, athletic and social programs.


  • To reclaim our youth by cultivating a nurturing and supportive environment.
  • Renewing the connection between students and alums by supporting student development, enhancing academic preparation, and providing positive role models as leading examples of the result of an education at Harlan High School.
  • Maintaining a mutual relationship that influences the student body, community, faculty and staff of Harlan High School.

Executive Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors were selected in December 2023 to serve and direct the JMHAA for the calendar years 2024 - 2025.

Dennis Hill
Dennis HillClass of 1975
Sharon Harvey Massey
Sharon Harvey MasseyClass of 1965
Charletta Mattox Askia
Charletta Mattox AskiaClass of 1968
Roxanne Riddick
Roxanne RiddickClass of 1976
Desiree Shane
Desiree ShaneClass of 1984
Marketing & Picnic Chairperson

Board Members

Karl Avery Class of 1970
Judith Grand Pre SmithClass of 1969
Kasia ReddingClass of 2012
Sherrie TylerClass of 1983
Brenda BedingfieldClass of 1968
Harold Jenkins, Jr.Class of 1972
Mike SowaClass of 1965
Kimberly GrandberryClass of 1984
Jamal RasheedClass of 1972
Mark StubblefieldClass of 1982

Key Chairpersons

Kimberly Grandberry
Kimberly GrandberryMembership - Class of 1984
Desiree Shane
Desiree ShaneAll Class Reunion Picnic – Class of 1984